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Mission: To connect ancient world with the modern time

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What is so unique about this website? Obviously, we would have a wide variety of coins… but….

Most importantly, this website is for common people, the AAM AADMI, the proletarians, the bourgeois, and the hardworking class people. Those who spare out money out of their monthly wages in order to pursue this hobby…

There are numerous such websites which treat Numismatics as a ‘Business’, a way to make lots of money. We will not do so as our foremost AIM to so make coins available to the common people. To empower them with the ability to buy their desired coins at the realistic, fair and minimal amount…

We’ve come across several Numismatists who are deprived of completing their ‘specific’ collection on account of either shortage of few coins and their sky-rocketing unrealistic prices. Our vision is to help those with the coins of their need.

And by this means, we intend to create a breed of future numismatists who will take our Heritage further so that our coming generations would know how reach our Indian culture was, is and will be….

With this philosophy as the fundamental, we’ve launched this PORTAL so that without any discrimination, without any sycophancy and without any biasing you can carry forward your hobby

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