Let ‘The Coins Store’ achieve best and amazing grades for your collectibles….

You can get your items graded by our panel of experts and industry leaders. Our team of experts evaluate each and every piece so meticulously that they appraise your item with sheer perfection.

Our team of appraisers will provide you a consolidated details of the artifacts which would be valued and accredited.

Benefits of Grading:

1) Detailing: You get to know about the items.

2) Standardization: Grading helps in standardization of the commodity. The grading will give your item an industry value which would be a standard.

3) Best Price: Grading of your item will help you earn a very good price in the market if you intend to sell it. It would make you aware about the minimum price of your item below which it should not be sold. If you wish to sell your item on ‘The Coins Store’. Click Here

4) Report: Our experts team will provide your with a consolidated report about your item which would help as a static proof about the authenticity of the item.

Step I:  Buy the Grading Pack.

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Step II: Upload the images of the item.

Step III: Fill the Form.

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