Let ‘The Coins Store’ achieve best and amazing results for your collectibles….

Our team of experts evaluate each and every piece. They are available at your service to offer you best advice in order to sell/auction your items. We are insanely and meticulously dedicated to get you best deals for your collectibles.

How to Sell/Auction your items?

 Step I: Just Fill in the form to enter the details of the coins you wish to sell/auction! We’ll contact you on the basis of this.

Firstly: Select the item’s image to Upload

Secondly: After hitting Upload, please enter details about the item.

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Step II: And then SHIP the item to:

Once you submit the above form, you’ll receive an email mentioning the ADDRESS to which you need to ship the item.

Step III: On receiving your items, our experts and panelist appraise them on various selective criteria such as Rarity, Value, Condition, Investment Scope, legal clearance, et cetera.

i) Then, we offer you a market researched realistic estimate in accordance with your quoted price.

ii) Once the quotations are accepted to you and you approve us of uploading the item on ‘The Coins Store’, we within no time make it available for selling/auctioning.

Good to Know:

Please read our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy in case of any qualms.

1.  All the items are required prior approval of acceptance before placing the consignments into the auction either by mail, email or Fax.

2. By filling the above form you’re agreeing that you intend to sell/auction your items at ‘The Coins Store

2.  Fill the consignment declaration at following link or you can visit our office to handover your items to us (Monday to Saturday 10.30 am to 5.30 PM) or if it is a huge collection, then we can arrange for a door pick up. However, we will not assure that items will be accepted without seeing them in person.

3.  The actual selling price will be known only after the live auction closes.

4.  The payment of sold items will be released to the owners within 30 – 45 working days from the closing date of auction.

5.  We handle your packets with utmost care and sincerity. Please know that ‘The Coins Store‘ will not be responsible for any damages or loss on account of fire, theft, robbery, earthquake, strike or any other hostile action apart from these as well, in handling the packets.

6.  Unsold: If your consignments are unsold in full or part then it is your responsibility to collect them immediately. However, we can also arrange a delivery by post/courier.